Nestled in the heart of Altrincham, West Beverly is a unique coffee, brunch, and wine bar that exudes glamour, privacy, and a touch of Hollywood magic. But have you ever wondered why this charming establishment chose its distinctive theme and name? Let’s take a journey behind the scenes and discover the inspiration that gave birth to West Beverly.

Roots at the Original California Coffee & Wine

The roots of West Beverly can be traced back to the original California Coffee & Wine on Oxford Road in Altrincham. Serving as a sister site to West Beverly, the inspiration for both locations stems from the essence of California Coffee & Wine. Regardless of whether you’re at West Beverly or its sister site, the guiding motto remains the same: to provide guests with the best of everything, without compromise. It’s a dedication to customer satisfaction that sets the stage for an exceptional experience.

A Touch of Hollywood Royalty

At the heart of West Beverly’s theme is the timeless allure of the Beverly Hills Hotel – an iconic hideaway in Los Angeles that has hosted Hollywood’s elite for generations. From the Polo Lounge, where deals are struck and connections are made, to the intimate bungalows that have witnessed countless romances, the Beverly Hills Hotel encapsulates the essence of Tinsel Town’s history.

Taking a page from this Hollywood history, West Beverly aims to bring the essence of the Beverly Hills Hotel to Altrincham. Just like the Beverly Hills Hotel has played host to Hollywood royalty, West Beverly aspires to serve the local “Altrincham royalty” – every guest who walks through its doors.

A Glimpse of Luxury

Stepping into West Beverly is like stepping into the glamour of old Hollywood. The establishment offers a taste of privacy, elegance, and impeccable service reminiscent of the Beverly Hills Hotel. The original ‘Pink Palace’ concept is brought to life in Altrincham, promising a timeless appeal that bridges the gap between history and modernity. West Beverly hopes to create a legendary appeal within its own community, much like the Hollywood history that inspired its creation.

An Ode to the Polo Lounge

Central to West Beverly’s charm is its thematic connection to the world-famous Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills. The Polo Lounge, often referred to as the epicentre of LA power dining, has been the backdrop for numerous star-studded gatherings and Hollywood power plays. Drawing inspiration from this iconic space, West Beverly infuses its own charm and character into its design, creating an ambiance that resonates with both locals and visitors.

Unveiling the Design

One of the most recognizable features of the Beverly Hills Hotel is its signature palm print, seen in the famous Martinique® banana leaf wallpaper. This iconic wallpaper, created in 1942 by Southern California textile brand CW Stockwell, was chosen by designer Don Loper in 1949 to adorn the hotel’s newly renovated interior. Now, this very design graces the walls of West Beverly, creating a visual connection between the two establishments.

Since its opening in July 2023, West Beverly has welcomed a diverse array of guests – from hot names and families to friends and business associates – all seeking a taste of the unique blend of Hollywood glamour and local warmth.

To conclude

West Beverly is more than just a coffee, brunch, and wine bar. It’s a tribute to the timeless charm of the Beverly Hills Hotel and a reflection of the dedication to excellence found at the original California Coffee & Wine. By infusing the essence of Hollywood’s golden era into the heart of Altrincham, West Beverly invites everyone to experience a slice of luxury, a touch of history, and a whole lot of charm. So, the next time you find yourself at West Beverly, take a moment to appreciate the blend of Hollywood magic and local hospitality that makes this establishment truly exceptional.