Thursday to Saturday 5pm – 9pm
    • Small Bites

      Our selection of small bites to whet your appetite.
      Care and share, or fill your boots!

    • Honey and Mustard Grilled Sausage

    • Smashed Avocado and Focaccia

    • Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese and Sourdough

    • Carne Asada Citrus Steak with Bernaise

    • Smoked Cheddar and Stilton

    • Chimichurri Grilled Halloumi

    • Smoky House Pinto Beans

    • Olives, Focaccia and Hummus

    • Honey Glazed Goat's Cheese with Bread and Cali Marmalade

    • Serrano Ham and Roast Tomato

    • Red Pepper Pesto Tenderstem Broccoli

    • Chilli and Garlic King Prawns

    • Maybe a Salad?

    • Warm Green Vegetable Salad


      Charred tenderstem, pickled courgette, edamame beans, spinach chill and garlic dressing

      + Smoked salmon £5.00

      + Roast chicken £4.00

    • California House Salad


      Crisp baby gem, avocado, crispy onion, boiled egg, blue cheese, honey and mustard dressing

      + Jumbo prawns £6.50

      + Grilled chicken £4.00

      + Goats cheese £4.00

    • A few from the grill

    • The Surf and Turf, Baby!


      6oz flatiron steak, buttered king prawns, chilli and garlic tenderstem, fresh rocket, chimichurri salsa

    • The Spicy Mofo


      Seared chicken breast, dill pickle, crispy onion, chipotle mayonnaise, gem lettuce, toasted brioche, seasoned fries

    • Millionaire Steak


      24hr citrus brined and pan-seared steak, cilantro mayonnaise, smoked cheddar bacon, toasted brioche, seasoned fries

    • James Dean


      Grilled halloumi, chilli guacamole, red pepper ranch sauce, pickled onion, toasted brioche, seasoned fries

      + Smoked Bacon £3.00

    • On the Side

    • Seasoned skinny fries

    • Cali House salad

    • Truffle & parmesan fries

    • Seasonal vegetables

    • Rosemary Baby Potatoes


Vegetarian    Vegan    Gluten Free

A discretionary 10% service charge will be added to every bill.
Our menu items may come into contact with one or more of the 14 recognised food allergies.
If you have any dietary requirements, please speak to a member of the team before ordering.