• West Beverly Nights

    • Hollywood Houmus


      Marinated olives, artisan focaccia

    • Chefs Winging It


      Chicken wings, house bbq sauce, ranch dip

    • LA Street Nachos


      Corn tortillas, sour cream, guacamole salsa, cheese sauce, jalapenos

    • Late Night Chicken and Waffles


      Louisiana chicken, Belgian waffles, Canadian maple syrup, Mexican jalapenos

    • Carne Asada Steak


      24hr citrus marinated 6oz flank steak, chimichurri salsa

    • Pan-Seared Lemon and Chilli Prawns


      Focaccia crostinis

    • Roasted Chorizo


      Drizzled in honey

    • Red Pesto Tenderstem


      Crispy capers, cherry tomatoes, parmesan

    • Dirty Fries


      Skinny fries, cheese sauce, bacon bits, crispy onion, bbq sauce, jalapenos

    • Halloumi Fries


      Chilli jam

    • Frickles


      Crispy fried gherkin, ranch sauce and chilli jam

    • Feeling Saucy?

    • Choose from


      Tomato and pepper pesto
      Cilantro mayo
      Chipotle Chilli mayo
      Chilli jam
      Ranch Dressing

      or 3 for £5.00